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The Sound of Maazic

"Can you guys start a podcast already?"

And that's how it all began.

Find yourself in any one of the Maazes shared WhatsApp groups with friends, and you'll notice a trend: Whenever a topic around South Asian cinema - whether about Bollywood actors or Pakistani music to everything in between - the Maazes would dominate discussion.

We saw a hole in the market: Discussing the themes that transcend South Asian cinema and how they've shaped our lives. From appreciating the art to criticizing the industry, the Maazes take a deep look at topics ranging from hip thrusts, Karan Johar, Qawwalis, and more.

Want even more deets? Well we are a podcast after all. Click below to listen to a mini episode on the Maazes behind the mic, and how this whole journey began.

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